State administration holding of 500 people



Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams





The challenge

The Holding, which works in the public sector, needed a technological solution that would connect its 500 employees working in 12 different parts of the country as quickly and safely as possible.

In addition, we had to solve this within 2 weeks, without expensive and time-consuming firewalls or VPN connections. In addition to this, we also had to take care of the critical nature of the Holding’s activities, as well as ensuring that the data is always secure.

Used Microsoft solutions

Due to the above criteria, the Holding chose the Microsoft 365 E3 program, which includes everything they required, and also complied with the necessary regulations throughout.

They also invested in Microsoft Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Surface devices to provide employees with safe, continuous, and seamless access to information and the SAP system, which also comes from the Cloud.

Final result

Lightning-fast provisioning and efficient administration. Lower costs and more efficient operation
(3 main administrators take care of 500 clients!).

Due to the use of fewer e-mails, the security threat has also decreased.
And the data is not stored on local machines.

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