Implementation of Microsoft Teams in a commercial company with 1200 employees



Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams





The challenge

The trading company, which mainly sells electronic products, employs nearly 1,200 people across the country.
The Pandemic proved here, too, that colleagues must be united and kept in sync, and provided with information, even despite the distance and quarantines.

Our task was to organize and involve our colleagues in this transformation. See new technologies and understand the importance of change and what it means for the company as a whole. We held a lot of lectures and personal consultations.

Used Microsoft solutions

In order to meet the above challenges, the Company chose the Microsoft Teams solution and the universe of related Microsoft applications, with which anyone, anywhere, can speak, coordinate, stay in sync, work and give and receive information, and perform their job duties in full digital.

Final result

Effective educational system, complete understanding.
Due to the use of fewer e-mails, the security threat has also been greatly reduced here.
The data is also not stored on the local machines.

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