Even an antique lamp shop can be transformed into a digital one



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The challenge

We are particularly proud of this Partner and their Transformation! The Management fully realized that it had to move towards Digitization. They had legacy equipment, NAS, solutions and mail. Colleagues were bored because of the slow operation. And the factory was too far physically for them to be in sync for a minute.

The Company is primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of magnificent chandeliers and light fixtures.


Our task was to assess and plan the transformation, and then, when the Management was ready, to implement the transformation. The process was absolutely painless. And everyone was satisfied with the end result. From then on, the distance didn’t matter anymore. The Management immediately saw the production and 3D plans, was able to make decisions faster, and the Plant was able to produce sooner. Emails have been secured. Colleagues can work even more efficiently, there is no need, for example, to send the Excel sheet requesting data to 30 partners every day, there is no need to worry that the NAS might break down one day, and we could list the advantages.

Used Microsoft solutions

To meet the above challenges, the Company chose the solutions of Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint and Teams, as well as other related Microsoft applications, with which anyone, anywhere, can speak, consult, stay in sync, work and give and receive information, in full perform your work duties digitally.

Final result

Efficient and increasingly efficient use and operation, complete understanding. Due to the use of fewer e-mails, the security threat has also been greatly reduced here.

The data is also not stored on the local machines.

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