Connecting office buildings across borders



Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
Microsoft 365




Czech Republic

The challenge

We had to find a platform that can be built quickly, is cost-effective, and is always available. And the new technologies to be introduced also mean rapid learning for the IT staff.

Used Microsoft solutions

Our company’s task was to connect the different locations as quickly and safely as possible.

It seemed completely logical to build the Microsoft Azure service, since the other countries could not take into account the fact that, for example, there is no Internet access or electricity in the server room in Budapest. In this way, we were also able to connect room 407 in Warsaw with room 803 in Budapest.

Final result

Lightning-fast provisioning and single-point administration. Lower costs and more efficient operation
(2 main administrators).

With the help of Microsoft Teams, the different locations are constantly in sync, as if they were working in one place.

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