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The challenge

The task of our company was to eliminate the previous, outdated IT technologies, such as a very old Linux server, often intermittent VPN and file access, and often lost POP3 mail errors, and to introduce and implement group work painlessly.

We implemented these purely with the technologies and solutions of Microsoft 365 AND with the help of the “Adopt And Change” method for 100 colleagues.

Used Microsoft solutions

We prepared internal employees and external consultants working in different locations with training, and then “connected” them with the help of Microsoft 365 applications and Microsoft Teams as if they were working in one place, avoiding the difficulties of VPN and file access, yet keeping the data safe.

Final result

Fast provisioning and implementation time. Colleagues can perform all their tasks in the introduced Universe.

They also said that they may not have survived the COVID as a business using the old tools.

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