From procurement to consultancy, from continuous development to the management of existing systems, we can offer our nearly two decades of experience for our clients. All we need to know is your requirements and your budget. We take care of everything else.

Customer-focused approach and complete solutions encompassing all areas of the IT services arena – this is Hallenbeck.

15 years of experience

We have dealt with all kinds of problems in fifteen years. Thanks to our experience, now we have ready-made solutions for almost anything. This helps us to find the quick and efficient solution both during systems integration and troubleshooting.

Remote assistance

We help quickly, even from a distance. Monitoring taken over, we are working now, the customer can sit back comfortably. The scheduled shutdowns and maintenances are also easier to perform that way since the client does not need to worry about who will stay with the system administrator after business hours and on weekends.

On-site service

We are there on-site as well, if needed. Be it IT systems management, server maintenance, IT consultancy; many customers require the physical presence of an administrator. Our colleagues can help you accomplish your IT tasks, or correct the eventual failures, at scheduled times or at short notice, if needed.


We continuously supervise the system. By way of this, we can detect failures early and rectify them.

Customised framework agreement

We adapt to the needs of our customers. We manage your IT system through the most optimal framework contract, based on the amount of your asset, or in a set number of hours, or the mix of the two.

Clarity and Comprehensibility

Our colleagues are able to summarise the tasks, explain the problems and describe the possible suggestions in a way that is easy to understand, be it about any field of the IT systems management.

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  • server administrator
  • workstation administrator
  • user support
  • helpdesk, application support
  • system support


  • server maintenance
  • workstation maintenance
  • IT network maintenance


  • upgrade of existing servers
  • rearrangement of the existing server structure
  • consolidation of several companies’ networks into one
  • development of hybrid systems (Linux, Windows)
  • Cloud solutions


  • hardware
  • software


  • assessment of existing systems
  • systems extension
  • preparation of IT documentation
  • data backup
  • design and implementation of high-availability systems
  • IT Security
  • disaster management systems and documentation